On July 4, 2018, a meeting was held at the association's forum on the cooperation of the Ehya Group and Mr. Norouzi, director of cultural affairs and student affairs of the University of Tehran Medical Sciences Faculty, aiming to begin mutual cooperation in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention and education.

The young and elite potentials in the university, and the active forces and advisors experienced in the prevention of social harm, was the strength point of each of the institutes. At the end, it was agreed to conclude an agreement between these two institutes in order to work together with to prevent social harm.





According to the Association's mission on HIV / AIDS prevention and control, the mobile clinic operates around the city. In the last months we have provided free and confidential HIV counseling and testing in the following areas:

  • Almahdi Park
  • Khorasan Square
  • Sa’adat Abad
  • Cyrus Cross Road
  • Rah Ahan Square
  • Kholazil
  • Niavaran Park
  • Darvaze Ghar
  • Danshjoo Park
  • Esma’eel Abad





One of the missions of the Ehya Group is to provide financial support and non-financial assistance in the fields of health, treatment, housing, clothing, food, and so on for its clients. This year, , with the help of benefactor supporters of the Group, we were able to distribute 152 food baskets for the occasion of the holy  Ramadan, which include all kinds of beans (lentils, chickpeas, beans, and split peas), sugar and sugar cube, tea, soy and pasta, oil, tomato paste, canned food, cheese, meat, poultry, Iranian or foreign rice and detergents.


These sessions were held to teach skills that are a prelude to learning at school, which children need in the future to learn basic skills such as reading, writing and counting, and even social learning in the school environment. During the three months of the summer, weekly meetings (8 sessions) were held in this regard. The purpose of these classes was to introduce the skills required for children to enter the school with simple language instructions for parents.



Each year, in the beginning of summer, Ehya Group aims to meet the wishes of children whom it supports. This year, according to the previous years, three bicycles were provided by the help of the charity (Cross-Wheel Company manager) and donated to three AIDS orphans and children with special needs. The bikes were in three different sizes and the price of each device was about 6000000 Rials.


This year, during the summer, the social working department of Ehya group visited at least 18 houses of the clients. According to the findings from these visits, the major problem is financial problem and most of the clients have very difficult financial condition. Their problems are mostly addressed in issues such as the provision of their own and their children’s medicine, esp. the clients of the Society for the Children with Special Needs. The housing problem is also a major issue that most of them are facing with, because they mostly reside in rental houses and payments are high. These issues also have a detrimental effect on the mental state of the patients and disrupt their daily routine. In general, compared to previous years, the economic conditions of clients have become harder and their mental status has worsened.

On May 16, 2018 (National Iranian Public Relations Day), Mr. Khosrow Mansourian (the founder of Ehya Group / SPASDI and one of the most experienced activists in the area of public relations and social responsibilities) and Fatemeh Salehi Shahrabi (the Public Relations Officer of SPASDI) were recognized as distinction at the first Arman-e Bartar Festival in the area of national public relations and advertisement at Rezvan Hall of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

According to the reviews of the panel of judges in the field of public relations, at the first Supreme Ideal National Festival, Mohammad Reza Farnaghizad, head of the Public Relations and Information Center of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, was introduced as an Ever-lasting Name in public relations due to his actions, activities and innovations.

During the festival the Statue of the “National Award for the Supreme Ideal”, “the Public Relations System” and “the Book of Value Creator Treasures” were unveiled. Also, Khosro Mansourian, the founder of the Ehya Group, was honored as one of the activists in the field of social responsibility and public relations.


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