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Social Work Services

Tavanyab’s social work activities are performed in the following manner:

Based on science, art, and technical skills, Tavanyab’s social workers utilize three methods of case work, group work and community work to help clients (individuals, groups or communities) to recognize their problems and abilities and to overcome their problems by usingthe available resources.

Personal Work

Tavanyab’s individual casework services:

  • Filing
  • Initial socioeconomic assessment of the family
  • Visiting the family of the handicapped children at home
  • Individual counseling for parents of handicapped children
  • Assessment and estimation of the needs of handicapped children and their families

Community work services are offered to better inform the communities of the availability of Tavanyab services, to help such communities to benefit from these social work activities, to empower people in neighborhoods and communities to learn viable methods to deal with handicapped children and to increase the exposure of issues related to handicapped in the media.


In order to change the society's attitude towards the disability phenomenon and to better informing the society on capabilities of handicapped people, Tavanyab hold workshops, scientific seminars and publishesarticles in journals.

Social Group

Executing group training seminars on a variety of issues for the families with handicapped children (especially for mothers of these children). Some of the issues discussed in these groups sessions include how to deal with a handicapped children’s physical and mental (such as stubbornness) challenges and how to development these children’s creativity.