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Art therapy is one of the important interventions that can improve the health status and abilities pf children. It also improves everyday and social skills of disabled children.

Therefore, by employing people who have the necessary expertise and experience in this profession, we were able to witness the unique achievements of art therapy and see a rapid progress in children. Fortunately, families of disable children have accepted and applauded this idea.

One of the most important methods of art therapy is play therapy.

In this therapeutic approach, playing, as the most important activity of the child, is the focus of treatment. Tavanyab professional team carry out various types of games with children suffering from physical and motor disability, including imitation, physical, educational, arcade, explorative and other kinds of games.

Play therapy is a way in which children can solve their own problems. It also allows the child to make and influence the world on a smaller scale with his/her own hands.

Play therapists of Tavanyab Association create joyful and instructive moments in a happy environment with a variety of equipment. Motor, social and interpersonal skills will be taught to children during these sessions.