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Mothers supporting Health

SPASDI support the female head of households who are HIV-positive and have AIDS-orphaned child or children. This population needs more support and assistance in removing the inequalities of society because they are victims of social harm and from the first day of diagnosis, face trauma and discrimination.

As one of the key social service providers, SPASDI has formed a group. This group has valuable goals, including supporting and helping HIV/AIDS infected women, prevention, empowerment, crisis intervention, education and information, and so on.

This group was formed in 2007 by social workers and advisers in the SPASDI and has held its 3-hour weekly sessions on Wednesdays since then. As mentioned before, one of the key goals of the organization is to protect and support women and children with HIV/AIDS. In order to eliminate stigma and distorted social labels, we refrain from using the word "HIV/AIDS females" and instead, use the phrase “Mothers supporting Health”.

This phrase alone represents our main goals in SPASDI. Mothers supporting health are women who not only seek physical and psychological health, but also social health. In such conditions, they can achieve physical, psychological and social health and self-fulfillment. They’ll be able to accept their illness and therefore, their self-esteem will improve.