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Group Therapy

Women and children are among the most vulnerable stratum of the society who becomes limited in the family, social and economic activities when they are infected with HIV/AIDS and sometimes wrongly rejected by the unaware people. This limitation, from one hand, is raised as a stressful factor and, on the other hand, puts clients at the risk of negative social stigma by attributing obliquity to them due to specific ways of transmission of this disease. Inappropriate behaviors and dismissal of employees with AIDS and the like, cause the spread of disease and isolation of patients and, on the other hand deprive them of educational opportunities and make them hide their infection with this virus. According to the conducted studies, most of the concerns of female-headed households living with HIV/AIDS are the anxiety and insecurity, feelings of rejection and confusion over their own and their children fate.

In order ​​to prevent social and cultural spread of HIV/AIDS and to support female-headed households and children affected by HIV/AIDS, SPASDI takes voluntarily steps towards the discharge and modification of the emotions of this stratum and to educate health advocate mothers, as the information ambassadors, for de-stigmatization of patients with the aim of informing the public. It is done by holding group therapy sessions for health-advocate mothers (Female-headed households affected by HIV/AIDS) within the framework of scientific methods based on the social work and psychology. In addition to modifying objectives, group therapy sessions have preventative and educational objectives. Weekly sessions of group therapy provides an environment where clients can interact with those counterparts who not only may understand their problems or concerns, but also have, in many cases, the same or similar concerns. What are often overlooked about female-headed households are their emotional and mental needs. Therefore, attending in the weekly sessions held for health- advocate mothers provides a situation in which they can freely express their true selves away from any love, hatred and judgment.